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Company Description

Aferian, previously known as Amino, is a software-led global media technology company. The group delivers modern TV and video experiences to millions of viewers globally, via a growing, global customer base of over 500 service providers. Aferian is focused on giving consumers what they want: easy access to the TV and video content that they love. The group calls this concept TV X.0 - enhanced video delivery and consumption driven by consumer expectations. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the group has over 300 staff located in offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Madrid, Porto, Brno and Hong Kong.

Investment Summary

We believe that Aferian is well-placed to benefit from ongoing evolution in the global TV industry. The Aferian 2025 strategy is focused on capturing growth opportunities arising from the convergence of Pay-TV and streaming video services. Increasingly software-led, the group contains two (complementary) operating companies to address this growing market: 24i, which focuses on streaming video experiences, and Amino Communications, which integrates Pay-TV with video streaming services. With industry sources forecasting the global TV streaming market to double by 2025 to $167bn, the opportunity for Aferian remains vast.

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