Hardide plc


Company Description

Hardide plc is the world leader in low temperature chemical vapour disposition tungsten carbide coatings. Its characteristics display superior strength, toughness, wear, corrosion, fatigue and galling properties to other alloy coating technologies such as hard chrome plating or thermal spray techniques like high velocity oxyfuel or physical vapour disposition.

Investment Summary

We believe Hardide plc offers investors exposure to a unique technology in the chemical coatings sector. The company has been benefitting from an improving outlook in its largest key market (Oil & Gas), receipt of Airbus supplier approval and NADCAP accreditation, patent approval for its ground-breaking coating technology for diamond applications and order momentum within its precision engineering segment. Its revenue prospects look set to have reached an inflection point resulting from the positive traction within the group and we would encourage investors to meet management to gain a bettering understanding of its prospects.

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