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Company Description

Kape Technologies is a cyber security company focused on digital privacy and protection. Kape develops and distributes a variety of software products in the online security space, utilising its proprietary digital distribution technology to optimise its customer reach and create a superb user experience. The company offers products that provide online security, privacy and optimal online experience. The acquisitions of virtual private network provider Private Internet Access in December 2019 and Webselenese in 2021 were both transformational and significantly earnings-enhancing deals for the group. The latter provides Kape with a new way to reach customers and a deep understanding of driving readers to security-related content across the web.

Investment Summary

The highly significant and transformational acquisition of PIA accelerated Kape's strategy and transported its quest to become a world leader in digital privacy to a new level. It is benefitting from a significantly enhanced pool of R&D talent with the addition of PIA's market-leading development team. The Webselenese acquisition gives Kape a competitive advantage and augments the group's go-to-market capabilities and product development roadmap. It brings infrastructure that will create a strengthened organic online presence and should drive organic growth across the business. The launch of CyberGhost's first unified privacy and security suite during 2020 was also a key moment for Kape, in our view. We continue to expect strong growth, fuelled by the enlarged group's significant opportunities for organic growth.

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