Presentation by the management team of RBG – 04/05/2023

Panelists: Jon Divers, Chief Executive Officer and Suzanne Drakeford-Lewis, Finance Director

London-based RBG Holdings plc is a legal and professional services group, which incorporates two of the UK’s leading law firms, Rosenblatt and Memery Crystal. RBG was incorporated as a holding company in February 2018 to acquire Rosenblatt, one of the UK’s leading litigation practices focused on contentious law and dispute resolution, and subsequently listed on AIM in May 2018. The group changed its name to RBG Holdings Plc in 2019 to reflect its increasingly diverse nature, having acquired sell-side corporate finance boutique Convex Capital. The acquisition of Memery Crystal (MC) in 2021, a specialist in non-contentious, corporate and real estate, added significant scale and breadth to its legal services division.

RBG - Progressive Briefing May 2023

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1. Can you tell us a bit more about the potential for growth and also how you achieve synergies across the trading businesses.

2. The results seem to indicate that the business is heading in the right direction. What is the competitive environment like and are you seeing many opportunities for growth at the moment? Separately, can you talk a little about staffing and recruitment.

3. With regards to Convex Capital which seems to be doing well - have the interest rate rises had any impact?

4. How are your revenue generators incentivised? What proportion of your fee generators’ fee income is commission based and how does this compare to that of standard peer groups?

5. Has it become any easier to recruit since the disposal of Lionfish?

6. Taking debt into consideration, if £20m of capital were to flow into the business tomorrow, how would you go about allocating it.

7. You touched on shareholder confidence and the share price earlier. I just wanted a bit more colour on what’s driven the share price down over the last couple of years. Is that purely due to Lionsfish issues, or are there other aspects to that do you think?

8. What are you most excited about in terms of structural opportunities in 2023/24?

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