Presentation by the management team of Team Internet Group – 26/03/2024

Panelists: Michael Riedl, Group CEO and Billy Green, Group CFO

Team Internet comprises two divisions – Online Marketing and Online Presence. The Online Marketing side operates through its main brand, “Tonic”. Tonic generates revenue by attracting consumers through online ads, learning more by asking a series of questions, and then directing those consumers to websites (via Google) who will pay a higher price for qualified consumer leads. Online Presence (previously the CentralNIC business) offers a wide range of products and services focussed on the areas of domain name registration, management and monetisation.


Team Internet Group - FY23 Year End Investor Presentation

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1. How do you see what you’re doing as being differentiated from the perspective of the customer (in your example slide the customer being T-mobile for instance)? How is it useful to them? How is it more effective for them than other routes of customer acquisition?

2. Will AI unlock margin upside and lead to efficiency and revenue gains? i.e. do you see it as leading to better qualified buyers who are of greater value to the advertisers?

3. It’s great to see Team Internet driving growth and income by doing more on the M&A side, as well as issuing dividends and share buybacks, but just thinking generally about capital allocation, where are your priorities for 2024?

4. Please could you give more colour on the share buyback, in particular the dynamic of the buyback versus the level of debt. Considering interest rates etc. might you accept a higher level of debt going forward?

5. The two sides of the business seem very separate – is there any reason you could not split the business, which might lead to further M&A?

6. It would obviously be good to get the cash conversion back above 100% ideally. Are there specific things you're doing to improve this? It would be good to know it's not a structural or industry change.