Progressive in conjunction with Mello Events, presents the management team of CEPS – 21/09/2021

CEPS is an industrial holding company that buys majority stakes in profitable, growing entrepreneurial UK companies.

Presenters: David Horner, Chairman

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Watch the full presentation below or navigate to the segments and questions that interest you the most.

1. How much is your ownership in CEPS?

2. What % of your time goes into CEPS?

3. What are your long term plans with the portfolio companies? - Trade sale/ IPO or to pay ongoing dividends?

4. 57% of Chelverton Growth Trust (CGT) is in CEPS. What is the connection with CEPS?

5. The group appears to be at an inflection point ready to bear the fruit of the restructuring. Can you talk about operational benefits rather than recovery benefits.

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