Progressive in conjunction with Mello Events, presents the management team of HeiQ – 07/12/2021

Presenter: Carlo Centonze, Co-founder & CEO

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1. How comfortable are you about operating in China with regard to protection of intellectual property?

2. Any news on the $3m P.A. contract in the USA? In September 2021 HeiQ advised it had been delayed but was expected in Q4.

3. Do you see any trend among buyers of the masks towards longer term contracts? Are we moving to a world where mask-wearing is more common globally, or intermittently?

4. How do you “qualify in” or “qualify out” prospective partners for your strategic partnerships?

5. Happy first Anniversary of your listing in London. I believe that key shareholders including management had their shares locked up for a year (i.e. until now). Have they indicated an intention to keep their shares and not sell any?

6. HeiQ is a very impressive company so how is it that the share price has decreased from around 180p to 90p in the last 6-7 months?

7. Is there a risk that you are operating across too many products, too many applications or too many scientific areas? How do you find, and focus, on the most value-creative areas?

8. Can you give more detail on the supply chain issues that you have faced since the pandemic started and how soon will you have better supply?

9. How long do you expect it to take to grow revenue from 50m to 300m? And as an investor what can we look forward to in the next 3 months?

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