Progressive in conjunction with Mello Events, presents the management team of Kape Technologies – 21/09/2021

Kape Technologies is a cyber-security company, focused on digital privacy and protection.

Presenters: Ido Erlichman, CEO Moran Laufer, CFO

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1. How much revenue and how much EBITDA was received from the legacy Crossrider business in H1?

2. Have you considered listing, or dual listing, in the USA given that so much of your income is from that country?

3. The cyber security space is getting extremely crowded. What's your long term vision for Kape? Do you plan to continue growing through acquisitions, or do you see yourself being bought maybe in the next five years?

4. Who are your main competitors? What are your strengths and weaknesses relative to them?

5. What is, or will be, the dividend policy for Kape?

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