Progressive in conjunction with Mello Events, presents the management team of Thruvision – 07/12/2021

Presenter: Colin Evans, CEO

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1. Using the airport as an example, could a terrorist use a heat pack to disguise an item? How is this risk mitigated?

2. Who are your main competitors with similar technology and do you envisage having to raise further funds within the next 12 months?

3. What is the typical cost of a system to a large co user like Tesco?

4. Thruvision would seem to be a unique sales item, what sets your price point, and are you not able to name your price if unique?

5. Is all revenue one-off equipment sales, or are there service or other ongoing revenue streams?

6. Are the European and British border controllers as interested as the USA have been?

7. Is the company being impacted by supply chain issues?

8. Do you have an R&D department, and if so, are you working on new technology?

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