Presentation by the management team ofAferian – 16/02/2022

Aferian, previously known as Amino, is a software-led global media technology company. The group delivers modern TV and video experiences to millions of viewers globally, via a growing, global customer base of over 500 service providers. Aferian is focussed on giving consumers what they want – easy access to the TV and video content that they love. The group calls this concept TV X.0 – enhanced video delivery and consumption driven by consumer expectations. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the group has over 300 staff located in offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Madrid, Porto, Brno and Hong Kong.

Panelists: Donald McGarva, CEO and Mark Carlisle, CFO

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1. For your software products, presumably they’re quite “core” to anyone planning to launch a streaming or content-based platform. How far ahead do your customers plan their rollouts, and does this give you good pipeline visibility?

2. Do you think that the supply chain challenges are now behind you, or is there still risk on your devices business?

3. In your strategic goals you mention growing recurring revenues. Last year you've already increased the percentage recurring revenues from 55 to 58%. What is your target here and how do you plan to reach this?

4. My own experience of the TV & streaming market is very UK-centric. Please could you describe the main differences between the UK market and the other large global markets for your products and services?

5. If you are investing heavily in high-calibre staff, are you also rewarding them with worthwhile equity participation and how else do you seek to retain the loyalty of your brightest people, on a long term view, in what is becoming a very competitive industry?

6. Do you think your background in streaming devices has helped you gain a position in the software market, and would you consider ever acquiring another hardware-based business for those sorts of reasons?

7. I was surprised to see the strength of devices sales during what was effectively still a Covid-impacted period. Could you talk about what led to that performance, and do you think it can be maintained?

8. How do you manage and control the development process, especially since this has both moved to a very software-based model, and seems to be quite widely spread in terms of geography?

9. Could you talk a bit more about viewing habits and whether big-screen consumption of streaming is likely to drift as the world normalises “post Covid”?

10. Do you think that R&D as a percentage of sales will always be higher under a software-led model?

11. In terms of Professional Services, how much of this relates to implementation or integration of your systems, and how much is more related to ongoing maintenance and support?

12. Does your streaming software product range have specific elements or modules which are more relevant to either sports or news related content? How “standardised” can you make the platform?

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