Presentation by the management team of CML Microsystems – 30/11/2022

CML is a semiconductor company focused on the next generation of wireless communications technologies.  It has positions in analog and compound semiconductor products and technologies, and a blue-chip customer base. CML is well-placed to capitalise on the exciting opportunities presented by the next generation of wireless communications across 5G, the Industrial Internet of Things, satellite and voice communications.  Our valuation work suggests that the current market valuation is focused on the CML of old. Given the expected explosion in applications for next-generation wireless technologies and CML’s track record in niche and specialist applications, multiples may rise as evidence of traction builds.

Panelists: Executive Chairman, Nigel Clark and Group Managing Director, Chris Gurry

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1. Could you explain a little bit more detail about the exposure to the situation in China, and how you're seeking to mitigate the issues?

2. How exposed are you to your top customers? Are you reliant on a certain number of bigger ones, and how does that look?

3. With these niche technologies, how difficult is it to find and retain key staff?

4. In terms of the management structure below the two of you, how is that formed and what does that look like?

5. In terms of the product design, customer designer and launch cycle, when is it you have a clear idea whether a chip is going to be a winner?

6. What are the next generation wireless products that most excite you?

7. Can you compare your chip development and sales cycles, and how they may differ from those in the consumer and automotive sectors?

8. Can you explain more about how the development, client win, and product launch cycle is working for the latest SµRF product?

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