Presentation by the management team of HeiQ – 05/10/2022

HeiQ is a global leader in textiles innovation. The company provides over 200 science-based solutions – such as cooling, warming, filtering, purifying and repelling or even destroying viruses – that enable every-day products, including clothing, household textiles and medical supplies, to become more functional.

Panelists: Co-Founder and CEO Carlo Centonze and CFO Xaver Hangartner

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1. With regard to your 4 blockbuster technologies (ie AeoniQ, Synbio, ECOS and GrapheneX), which is likely to deliver the most revenues over the short-term and why? Which do you see as having the greatest financial potential and why?

2. With regards to AeoniQ, could you explain the phasing of revenue recognition in terms of milestone payments and also tell us what funding and Capex requirements there are for the Gigafactory?

3. With regards to the lockdown and supply chain issues in China, have you recovered back to the kind of sales rates you were expecting and what is the outlook for H2?

4. How does HeiQ work to commercialise its extensive pipeline of product launches? Is there a sales or commercial function? And how is this set up, given that revenues are generated on a global basis?

5. How long will it take to reach your gross margin target of 60%?

6. Given your past supply chain issues and reliance on China, are you exploring alternative supply chain options, or are you locked in to China?

7. Do you plan to keep a full listing? Has a move to AIM been considered?

8. What does the market not understand, in your view, about HeiQ's business model?

9. You talked about a potential grant from Portugal to get the AeoniQ factory under way. In order to hit a 2025 target, when would you hope to receive news of that grant and will you RNS that news?

10. What do you see as the biggest threats to your being able to deliver your $300m medium-term revenue target?

11. Who are your main competitors within each of the blockbuster technologies? And where are they - relative to HeiQ - in terms of delivering mass scale commercial solutions and of delivering meaningful revenues?

12. Where would you like to see your revenue split by type of product in 3 to 5 years’ time? Do you have a target for the revenue participation from the high margin areas of licences, services and royalties?

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