Progressive presents the management team of HeiQ – 21/10/2021

HeiQ is a global leader in textiles innovation. The company provides over 200 science-based solutions – such as cooling, warming, filtering, purifying and repelling or even destroying viruses – that enable every-day products, including clothing, household textiles and medical supplies, to become more functional.

Presenters: Carlo Centonze, Co-founder & CEO Xaver Hangartner, CFO

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With regards to customer stock building: how long will it take to work through your stock? I am guessing the majority of this is face masks?

What about price inflation? How do customers feel about accepting this?

What are the specific raw material shortages you talk of and what is causing these shortages?

What drove last year’s H1 uplift in the sales of ‘Protection’ and ‘Other’ (as opposed to the massive uplift in ‘Hygiene’ reflecting the success of HeiQ Viroblock)?

Is there a breakdown of the functional ingredients sales that is available for us to view?

Can you please quantify any further deferred payments for acquisitions?

The three businesses that you acquired; you mentioned their capabilities and technology - did they come with much revenue or any client relationships?

In the medical market, once your customers have their products approved within the regulatory environments, presumably they would be unable to replace the HeiQ ingredients with anything else, without losing their approved status?

How comfortable are you that you will be able to protect your intellectual property in the Chinese market?

Do you expect different working capital profiles from the new and emerging areas of revenue as the business grows into new segments?

What initiatives are you looking at in the realm of Functional Consumer Goods? And how important could this become for HeiQ? Is it seen as competing with some of your brand customers?

When do you expect to see revenues from HeiQ GrapheneX and are your efforts here being focused exclusively at present on batteries?

How will the current share price level impact on your ability and/or willingness to make further acquisitions?

What is the medium term outlook for your gross margin?

The 2022 numbers have been reduced for reasons you gave but I see that 2023 hasn't been cut much. What degree of confidence should investors have in those figures given the conditions you are encountering?

As you are receiving more media mentions and the products are being launched into their end markets, are you seeing an increasing level of INBOUND enquiries around uses of your products?

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