Progressive Presents the management team of IG Design Group, the UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of Gift Wrap, Christmas Crackers and more! – 16/12/2020

IG Design is the UK’s largest designer and in-house manufacturer of Gift Wrap and Christmas Crackers. The business also designs, manufactures and sources Gift Bags, Greetings Cards, Stationery, Creative Play, Specialised Gifting and Frames and Albums. The group serves many of the best-known retailers throughout the UK and beyond.

Paul Fineman, CEO
Giles Willits, CFO

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1. What size of business do you think that IG can grow to over the next 3-5 years? Do you think that margins can increase from the levels you achieved in 2019?

2. Given the reduction in the H1 operating margin, what is the outlook for this in H2 and the next full year?

3. What changes are needed to achieve these international strategic opportunities?

4. What should we expect from further acquisitions and in which geographies?

5. You said customer Christmas orders were on the cautious side. Have you been able to complete subsequent pre-Christmas order sales to them?

6. As you have become a bit more US centric, do you have any plans to list in the US or move away from AIM?

7. What percentage of your revenue is cards?

8. Which of your three strategic components is the most important, from ‘Working with the winners’, ‘Design and innovation’ and ‘Efficiency and scale’?

9. How are you working to be more environmentally aware?

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