Progressive Presents the Management Team of Instem – 10/05/2022

Instem is a leading provider of IT solutions & services to the life sciences market. Instem’s software enables its customers (mainly pharmaceutical companies) to bring their life-enhancing drugs to market faster.

Panelists: CEO Phil Reason CFO Nigel Goldsmith

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Introduction and Overview


Strategy and Outlook


1. Where does Instem's main competition come from and how do you manage it?

2. Do you consider your IP to be an asset to your business?

3. How long do you typically take incorporating acquisitions, and would you consider altering this timeline if the right opportunity came up?

4. What level of salary inflation are you seeing amongst your highly qualified staff?

5. In terms of the clinical trials, is revenue typically per user or by clinical trial, and how has your pricing changed in general over the last few years?

6. Would you class yourself as an outsourced CRO proposition, and if not, how do you differ?

7. Do you think that China’s healthcare system will change in the aftermath of the country’s response to Covid? And do you think they will evolve in the Western model of pharma companies and CROs, or will it be different?

8. How do your customers view your products and services, and how many of them buy across a range of your offerings, or do they normally just buy one or two elements ? Are sales teams encouraged/incentivised to cross-sell services?

9. I noticed a release this week about “In silico” products. Could you describe a bit about how you integrate the computer modelling work with the rest of what you provide to your customers or are they still very separate? And if so, how do you see this evolving?

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