Progressive presents the management team of Instem – 05/10/2021

Instem’s software enables its customers (mainly pharmaceutical companies) to bring their life enhancing drugs to market faster.

Presenters: Phil Reason, CEO Nigel Goldsmith, CFO

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Introduction – Group Overview

H1 2021 Financials

Colour on recent acquisitions

Review by Business Area

Growth Strategy & Outlook


1. In terms of M&A, are you likely to focus more (or even solely) on businesses with high recurring revenue in the future?

2. Given the very rapid progress made in the COVID vaccine authorisations around the world, do you think that the timelines shown in your slide (from drug discovery through to post-marketing!) will shorten?

3. Does d-Wise have a different working capital profile, given that it is much more of a consulting & services sell, and less software?

4. By how much could you reasonably expect to reduce the length of time it takes to bring a new drug to the market, given it takes 12-13 years on average?

5. Are there any clients that currently represent a disproportionate percentage of revenue, and if so what is the relationship with them?

6. In Study Management, from a client’s perspective, what are the implications of moving to SaaS?

7. Do you have plans to reduce the number of software solutions and consolidate your platforms?

8. You currently have bank facility of only £0.5m – this seems small in relation to the scale of your business. Are you in discussions to extend this?

9. Could you talk a little more about the wider market and your place in it. i.e. What is the annual growth of software spend for life sciences and what is Instem's market share and key advantages vs. competitors etc.?

10. Would you be able to elaborate more on the threat of companies bringing the activities that they outsource to you in house?

11. Do you think the current pressures in the relationship between the USA and China might make it more difficult to work with both the US pharma giants and the presumably fast growing Chinese equivalents?

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