Presentation by the management team of Kape Technologies – 28/09/2022

Kape Technologies is a cyber security company focused on digital privacy and protection. Kape develops and distributes a variety of software products in the online security space, utilising its proprietary digital distribution technology to optimise its customer reach and create a superb user experience. The company offers products that provide online security, privacy and optimal online experience. The acquisitions of virtual private network provider Private Internet Access in December 2019 and Webselenese in 2021 were both transformational and significantly earnings-enhancing deals for the group. The latter provides Kape with a new way to reach customers and a deep understanding of driving readers to security-related content across the web.

Panelists: CEO Ido Erlichman

Watch the full presentation below or navigate to the segments and questions that interest you the most.

1. Having purchased ExpressVPN, have you looked at the data of clients who have left Kape for ExpressVPN, and those who have left ExpressVPN for Kape – does it show anything?

2. How are the business segments managed – are they run totally independently and what role do the ExpressVPN management have in this?

3. How old are your customers and how does this vary between products?

4. Can you talk about the idea of Kape as an overall privacy and security solution provider – will customers soon be able to live behind a Kape wall of protection?

5. The results statement made clear reference to the possibility of more deals. What sort of deals are you looking at? Major, minor, products, technologies, locations etc?

6. It seems that many big firms, particularly in the US, are calling for workers to work from home less and return to the office instead. This would in theory mean less demand for a VPN. Does this concern you at all?

7. How is inflation impacting the company? Is staff cost inflation an issue, and what is your exposure to the energy price in terms of the cost to run all of your VPN servers?

8. How far can you see the use of VPN in your markets? Will there be a time when 30%, 40% or even more internet usage will go via VPN?

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