Presentation by the management team of SDI – 02/02/2022

SDl Group specialises in the design and manufacture of niche analytical technology products for use within digital imaging and sensing and control applications across life sciences, healthcare, astronomy, precision optics, measurement instrumentation, clean room and art conservation markets. The group operates a well-established buy and build strategy, with organic growth supplemented by earnings accretive acquisitions of complementary businesses that have established reputations in global markets.

Presenters: Mike Creedon, CEO & Jon Abell, CFO

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1. Can you talk about forward visibility; the differences in the business and comment on the order book.

2. What are your thoughts on dividends or share buy backs?

3. Please could you discuss business pricing power a bit more. Are price increases sticking sufficiently to offset increasing materials?

4. What is the competitive landscape for acquisition opportunities? Is everyone chasing the same deals?

5. How comfortable are you with estimates in the market? Is there potential upside given 2023 excludes one off covid benefits or new acquisitions?

6. Could you please give a bit more colour on head count changes, investment in the business and capex?

7. Could you please explain a bit more about the changes you negotiated with HSBC around your bank facilities - what sort of changes were you asking for, and what made them comfortable to grant your requests?

8. How do you "outsource" R&D ? Isn't that normally core to a technology business - so how do you make sure that you're really getting the benefits of new ideas and developments?

9. You described implementing Sage 200 at Monmouth - do you always standardise ERP and accounting systems at acquired companies, or was this unusual?

10. What are your most difficult areas and where are you seeing good recovery?

11. With reference to the banking system, is there a threshold of transaction that you come into approve or is it every transaction?

12. You’ve organised the many businesses you’ve been acquiring into two operating divisions. How complimentary is Digital Imagining with the Sensors & Controls division? What sort of synergies are there?

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