Progressive Presents the management team of Thruvision – 20/07/2021

Progressive Presents the management team of Thruvision, the leading provider of safe distance, people security screening technology. Addressing the growing need for safe, fast and effective security, Thruvision completely removes the need for physical “pat-downs”.

Presenters: Colin Evans, CEO Adrian Crockett, CFO

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1. With the Profit Protection version of the camera, what is the smallest item that can be detected, and are there any types of item that cannot be detected at all?

2. Society still has a huge challenge from knife crime. Is the physics of non co-operative moving targets simply too difficult for Terahertz based technologies? Do you think there will ever be a solution?

3. What is your sales pipeline looking like at the moment?

4. I’m based in the US and I attend a lot of professional sporting events where pat downs are common. Has Thruvision approached that as a vertical to try to sell your technology?

5. Are you still just wanting to be a hardware seller rather than thinking about adding software to upgrade some of your products?

6. When do you expect to be cash flow break-even and are you fully capitalised to that point, even in your most pessimistic modelling?

7. Do sell to your clients as lump sum after delivery or some kind of subscription offer to provide security as a service?

8. What does Amazon use in this space for its distribution centres?

9. What does the investment programme look like going out a few years?

10. Do the different customer segments have different working capital profiles - in terms of payment terms or other structures?

11. When do you expect the CPC product to be approved in the USA?

12. I realise sales of products give rise to one off revenues but are there any service or maintenance revenues?

13. The cash position looks to have dropped by almost £2m since the end of the year - what is the reason for that?

14. Do you think Asia Pacific as a region could rebound quickly once they are through COVID-19? It sounded like a big opportunity in the past.

15. Do you need to invest in local manufacturing for US government contracts? Or adjust product part sourcing for EU sales?

16. What is the M&A strategy?

17. How fast do you expect to grow the upgrades side of profit protect? What other older clients are due upgrades?

18. Is Thruvision still considering listing the stock on the US NASDAQ stock exchange or any other large stock market?

19. Are there any aviation contracts that could pick up again quickly as air travel returns?

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