Progressive Presents the management team of Watkin Jones, the UK’s leading developer and manager of residential for rent – 04/02/2021

Watkin Jones is the UK’s leading developer and manager of residential for rent, with a focus on purpose built student accommodation, (PBSA), and increasingly build to rent, (BTR). Blue-chip Institutional clients pay for the development sites that Watkin Jones identifies upfront, so the group’s cash outlay is minimal. There is also low development risk as the business passes on the construction risk to its subcontractors via fixed price ‘design and build’ contracts.

Presenters: Richard Simpson, CEO Phil Byrom, CFO

Watch the full presentation below or navigate to the segments and questions that interest you the most.

1. What efforts are you making to cross market Build to Rent apartments to graduating student accommodation occupants?

2. Have you given discounts to students who couldn’t use your accommodation?

3. Universities are shut down due to the pandemic. How is this affecting your business?

4. There was talk about you launching a PRS REIT. What is your latest thinking on this?

5. What are the two principal risks to your business, and what are you doing to monitor these?

6. What is the diversification in Build to Rent in terms of geography and urban / rural?

7. Are Empiric Student Property and GCP Student REIT partners or competitors to you?

8. What is the accounting cycle for Build to Rent and Purpose Built Student accommodation?

9. Are you using off-site manufacturing?

10. Regarding Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and the work you’re doing there, can you give some colour on timeframes?

11. Do you have any intentions to get involved in cladding remediation as a separate revenue stream?

12. What are you doing to reduce carbon emissions in your builds?

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