Presentation by the management team of Aferian – 25/08/2022

Aferian, previously known as Amino, is a software-led global media technology company. The group delivers modern TV and video experiences to millions of viewers globally, via a growing, global customer base of over 500 service providers. Aferian is focused on giving consumers what they want: easy access to the TV and video content that they love. The group calls this concept TV X.0 – enhanced video delivery and consumption driven by consumer expectations. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the group has over 300 staff located in offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Madrid, Porto, Brno and Hong Kong.

Panelists: Group CEO Donald McGarva and Group CFO Mark Carlisle

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1. Is the future of M&A likely to focus on scale or skills?

2. Did you have any average trends in contract sizes? What is the difference between 24i and Amino?

3. Could you explain why the debt facility you have available appears to be quite large in comparison to your market cap? Do you expect to use it all?

4. Your 24i figures show an annual recurring revenue rate for HY21 of £10m this time last year, why is the revenue for this half less than that at £9.3 million?

5. Did you expect M&A to be quicker at this point in time?

6. Could you explain more what you do to attract and retain staff?

7. Following the change of CEO with 24i, do you expect any further personnel changes?

8. Can you give some more detail about the geographical origins of your competitors and the importance of the company's IP? Do you feel you have a competitive advantage?

9. What proportion of the Amino business comes from direct sales versus via distributors?

10. How do margin profiles compare for direct versus indirect?

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