Presentation by the management team of Xaar – 11/10/2023

Panelists: John Mills, Chief Executive Officer and Ian Tichias, Chief Financial Officer

Xaar is a specialist electronic devices and systems business based around its piezo electric industrial inkjet printhead technologies and products. Xaar manufactures the printheads for use in applications that include ceramic tile printing, product coding and market, large format graphics, 3D printing and printing on windscreens.

Xaar - Interim Results Presentation 2023

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1. Is all of your technology patented?

2. With regards to the many avenues you have for growth – what’s your plan for investment and will you need to revisit institutional investors to fund these opportunities?

3. Presumably the margins are different for the hardware, ink and software sides of the business. Could you talk a bit about how much of the sales is apportioned to each and what the margins are.

4. The factory overheads will obviously dilute them down, but what kind of margins would you hope printhead sales to be running at?

5. In terms of replacement cycles and spares, servicing etc. - do they contribute anything meaningful?

6. Do you envisage a time when 3D printing and the various applications and techniques for 3D printing become your greatest revenue contributor?

7. How does your manufacturing cost base in the UK compare to your Japanese competitors?

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