Written by our Director of Equity Advisory, Jeremy McKeown, the HyperNormalTimes provides in-depth and considered long-term commentary on major macroeconomic and market-shaping themes.


    Governance & Chainsaws

    Milei has said, "The central bank is a scam, a mechanism by which politicians cheat the good people […]


    The Exorbitant Cost of Cheap Wind Power

    Politicians remain susceptible to the myth that building more offshore wind will produce cheap energ […]


    Are we there yet?

    The UK is primed for more than its fair share [of investment flows], as defined by its measly 4% MSC […]


    Money Delusions & Crowding Out

    Successive politicians have kicked so many cans down the road we have reached the point where we get […]


    The Case for Occupying Mars

    A Starlink-powered direct-to-device satellite phone might be the first, but it won't be the last of […]



    The truth is the Fed and the BoE want you to lose your job to achieve their objective. And until the […]


    Higher For Longer – Oil & Rates

    We will have to endure structurally higher inflation and interest rates for several years. Combined […]


    Former Sick Man of Europe Gets Shot in the Arm

    the UK's higher GDP number will feed through into quantitative screening models of global asset allo […]


    What Worries Central Bankers

    Jackson Hole's primary purpose is for central bankers to share ideas from within the rarefied academ […]


    The Space Race Moved South of Richmond

    To the North, most of the Cathedral's attention is on what Musk is doing to their favourite social […]


    The Turning ESG Tide

    The future of ESG is changing, but key questions remain. Is the era of sustainable, socially respons […]


    Mindsets & Narratives

    We must look into ourselves to understand who we are and what type of investor we want to be as we t […]

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