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December 13, 2022

US inflation report later

Macro & Overnight

UK jobs report out this morning with encouraging signs that older workers are beginning to reenter the labour market. A critical factor for UK growth prospects.

Oil prices have traded higher.

All eyes will be on the US CPI data later today.

UK Company News

Outsourced services provider Capita saw H1 revenue growth of 2%. With disposal proceeds of £462m received, its update focused on balance sheet strength, with more disposals to come.  

Chemring, the defence contractor, produced inline FY results. FY23E guidance is unchanged, with an H2 slant.

Digital advertising company Dianomi updated revenue expectations to be in line with last year. New advertiser spending in the year’s second half has not grown as anticipated so profits will be lower than consensus, approximately half of that for the prior year. 

FinnCap, the broker, NOMAD and corporate advisor, managed an H1 reduction in fixed costs as UK equity issuance has been subdued. Revenue in H1 was down 48%. However, the company said their deal pipeline remains solid.

Corporate advisor FRP Advisory saw H1 revenue increase by 10% but lower PBT. It sees a positive medium-term outlook and reports trading in line with expectations. 

Iron deficiency therapy specialist Shield Therapeutics has signed a multi-year collaborative sales agreement with Viatris. Separately it has proposed an $18m equity raise. 

Online womenswear brand Sosandar showed a 72% increase in H1 revenue. They have since recorded record sales in October and November, with all categories selling well. Sosandar is an online retailer bucking the trend of its larger peers. Sosandar has £4m of net cash and continues to trade in line with market expectations. 






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