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Listen to the experiences and strategies of private investor, Mark Atkinson. Mark's long-term investments enabled him to become financially independent and to retire at the comparatively early age of 53. The stocks he reviews are from his actual portfolio, not a 'virtual' one, so these are genuine win-some, lose-some stories. We hope that you'll also enjoy regular feature 'Question in a Bottle' where Mark answers listeners' questions about investing.

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December 15, 2023

A Christmas review of my investment in James Halstead (JHD)

James Halstead plc is a UK based company which is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial floor coverings. Their geographical area includes Europe and Scandinavia, Australasia, Asia and the Rest of the World. In this festive episode Mark runs through the figures and outlines his confidence in the company as a long term investment. Paul reads the parrots a Christmas poem.

This episode of the podcast is generously hosted by London City based analysts Progressive Equity Research.

Created by Mark Atkinson (LinkedIn) | Produced by Paul Kerin | Bottle Illustration: - FreePik (CC-BY) Parrots pic: Horst Dunkhorst (Pexels). SFX - Freesound (CC0/CC-BY) Waves: juskiddink. Corkscrew: YleArkisto. Thunder: digifishmusic. Rainfall: nonzeroenfilade. Poem: The night before Christmas - Clement Clarke Moore (public domain).

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James Halstead:

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