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May 3, 2024

Talking Tech: Episode 1

George O’Connor and Ian Robertson discuss UK small and mid-cap tech, examining current issues and searching for facts, clarity and understanding.

In this first episode they discuss the opportunities in motion capture, virtual reality and machine learning smart vision at Oxford Metrics, and the potential for profitable semiconductor player, CML Microsystems, to profit from next generation wireless technologies – real 5G, industrial IoT and satellites.

George ponders Indian outsourcers and the duo look at how important it is for investors to understand how software companies sell – looking at the direct sales approaches by Darktrace and Idox, and at product led growth for dearly departed Sopheon. Stuff that’s just not popular to write about but in some sectors just doesn’t get considered. Perhaps this is a clue to how so many of us got spooked.

They also consider the outlook for UK technology and small-cap. With guarded optimism.

'Our belief remains that with information, context and explanation, investors can learn to love not fear UK small cap tech. Although, as George says, it’s not a straight line...'

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NB CML Microsystems, Oxford Metrics and Idox are clients of Progressive. Sopheon was a client prior to de-listing.

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