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Published on: December 7, 2021

Announcement of additional revenue stream

Anexo Group plc has this morning announced the creation of a specialist Housing Disrepair Team (HDR) within Bond Turner, Anexo’s legal services division. Anexo believes that by addressing the issue of sub-standard housing the team is providing a socially useful function, which will assist in raising standards across the rental market. Anexo highlights that, according to the Government’s English Housing Survey 2019-20, 12% (480,000) of social housing dwellings and 23% (1.01 million) of private rented dwellings fail to meet the Decent Homes Standard. In addition, 5% (200,000) of social housing dwellings and 13% (572,000) of private rented dwellings suffer from a Category 1 Hazard (defined as damp and mould growth).

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