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Published on: March 17, 2020

Another strong performance

FY 2019 was, as expected, a strong year for Gamma in financial terms with growth in Adjusted EBITDA of 31% a touch higher than we were expecting. Notably, that was achieved in a period where management has been pursuing its updated strategy which included investing in future growth and spending time assessing and undertaking acquisitions. The Group delivered well on its strategic aims during the year and it has announced further acquisitions in 2020. Gamma retains a strong balance sheet and we expect to see more deals in the future. It saw strong growth in the UK while its Dutch businesses were integrated and DX Groep saw a pick-up in H2. The near term business outlook is somewhat overshadowed by Covid-19 and we exercise a degree of conservatism as we upgrade our estimates to reflect the FY 2019 performance and the recent acquisitions. Nonetheless, the combination of organic and acquired growth produces a 5% upgrade in Adj. EBITDA for the current year which anticipates 15% growth on FY 2019’s strong number.

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