Published on: December 11, 2019

Customers extend buying cycles

Sopheon’s trading update confirms that some of its customers are delaying decisions on contracts because of uncertainty prevailing in their own markets and businesses.  At the time of the interim results, Sopheon’s management expected a return to a stronger second half weighting for the full year numbers. That is still the case and the Group continues to highlight the strength of the new business pipeline and a higher proportion of SaaS (Software as a Service) opportunities. Nevertheless, the anticipated signings of a number of opportunities have now slipped into 2020. With revenue visibility currently at $28 million, we conservatively move our current year revenue estimate down 13% to $29 million with a knock-on effect on EBITDA (down 29%). We also assume that buying cycles remain extended during FY 2020E and therefore take a prudent view on our numbers for that year as well with revenue and Adj. EBITDA estimates reducing by 10% and 40% respectively.

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