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Published on: July 9, 2019

Growth services for growth companies

finnCap is a financial services group focused on providing a full-service offering to its target client base of ambitious growth companies. finnCap was admitted to AIM in December 2018, acquiring Cavendish Corporate Finance in the process. The addition of the noted sell-side M&A business brought added scale, significant complementary expertise and the opportunity to pursue considerable revenue synergies both in terms of cross-referrals and expansion of services. The FY 2019 results show a solid 11 months of further improvement for finnCap and a four-month contribution from Cavendish which reflects a strong performance both before and after its acquisition. The results announcement also highlights early successes in realising the potential which the enlarged group promises. We consider the opportunities that the finnCap Group can exploit and produce a scenario analysis to consider influences on near-term profitability. As an overarching theme, we note the management team’s consistent and focused approach to growing finnCap Group and advancing the brand while diversifying its sources of revenue.

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