Published on: September 28, 2020

Outperforming a recovering market

ZOO Digital is one of the companies whose business models have stood it in good stead during the COVID-19 pandemic; its cloud-based platform has proved to be a key attribute over the last six months. Indeed, the changed working practices within the dubbing industry have helped to educate more potential users about the benefits of remote operating and the quality of performance that can be achieved when using the ZOOdubs platform. In our view, ZOO’s Capital Markets Day (CMD) presentations – a recording is available hereachieved a rare combination of being both informative and clear as to those operational benefits and the financial implications (a roadmap to U$100m of revenue) for the Group within an evolving market. We highlight some of the main messages from the speakers – from outside the company in several cases – which covered the market for localisation services, the use and benefits of ZOO’s platform and the technology behind the service.

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