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Published on: September 6, 2017

Income and growth from emerging markets

APQ Global is a company which invests in emerging markets and operates with a strategy geared to provide investors with a steady income steam. It aims to pay an annual dividend equivalent to 6% of the company’s opening book value, on a quarterly basis. In addition, it will target underlying growth of that book value of between 5% and 10% per annum through earnings (including realised and unrealised gains). Listed on the TISE in Guernsey in August 2016 following its IPO which raised £78 million, the Company was admitted to AIM shortly afterwards. It recently issued convertible unsecured loan stock (CULS) to raise a further £20 million. The management team is highly experienced in investing in emerging markets and relevant asset classes. In addition, APQ Global has an International Advisory Council which comprises experienced investment professionals who provide expert advice and local knowledge in key markets. The management team’s interests are aligned with those of shareholders through incentive schemes related to growth in book value and through shareholdings.

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