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Published on: January 29, 2018

Significantly ahead of expectations

In today’s more detailed trading update, Sopheon has confirmed its brief statement in early January that revenue and profit for FY 2017E will exceed market expectations. As well as providing an anticipated revenue figure above U$28 million, it states that both EBITDA and pre-tax profits will be ‘significantly ahead of current market expectations.’ Today’s update notes that volume of transactions increased with a greater number of license deals and new SaaS customers – and Q4 contained two substantial deals. Sopheon ended 2017 with net cash of U$9.5 million. The group has a higher recurring revenue base and greater revenue visibility overall. We adjust FY 2017E numbers to reflect the guidance given today, driving a 31% increase in our Adjusted EBITDA estimate to U$6.9 million. We also adjust estimates for December’s conversion of loan stock and that is the only influence on our estimates for subsequent years where we retain a conservative stance and note future investment in the Accolade platform. We will look to revisit those estimates when further detail is available at the time of the results announcement.

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