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Published on: January 23, 2019

Strategic thinking

Gamma held a very useful Capital Markets Day (CMD) which focused on strategy for the medium to long term. The CMD ran through the approach which the Group has taken to form its “2023 Strategic Plan”. It explored the size of the market, expected changes in marketplace, the competitive environment and the main anticipated trends – together with how Gamma will place itself to best take advantage as the market evolves. The resulting key strategic priorities mean that Gamma will adopt a ‘highly focused organic and inorganic strategy’. This approach will allow the Group to evolve its strong cloud telephony position into the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) market, particularly for SMEs. The group will also build on its fixed and mobile telecom strengths, expand into Europe to gain continued growth and scale, and build on its digital capabilities to ‘assure agility and sustain competitiveness’. We summarise the main points from the CMD and outline the refocussed strategy, together with its targeted impact on the direct and indirect businesses.

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