Published on: April 3, 2020

Supercharging customer data with an expanded Audiens

Bango has announced the expansion of its strategic relationship with NHN Corp, the Korean big data giant. NHN is investing £6.5m to take a majority interest in the Audiens business, owned by Bango. For its investment NHN gains a 60% stake in Bango Deep, the Bango subsidiary which owns the Audiens Customer Data Platform (CDP). NHN will inject its data science technology into Audiens to grow it into a world leading CDP. In addition, NHN has also subscribed for 3.5m new ordinary shares in Bango – 4.7% of the group’s existing ordinary share capital. Bango paid approximately £4m for Audiens. NHN is paying £6.5m for 60% of that business. We revise estimates following the announcement to reflect that Audiens will no longer be fully consolidated in Bango’s accounts. We believe the deal validates Bango’s investment in Audiens and represents a significant vote of confidence in both the data monetisation business and in Bango itself, by a highly successful commerce leader.

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