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Published on: April 12, 2023

Technology-led proposition drives growth

ZOO Digital enjoys a strong position in an exciting and fast-evolving market. Its unique end-to-end, technology-centred approach is finding favour with the major SVOD providers, delivering the levels of reliability, security and scalability required to service the large – and increasing – levels of demand. ZOO’s clients are committing huge sums to new content, with the large streaming providers embroiled in ‘content wars’ to grow and maintain market share. Localisation is also experiencing a boom due to aggressive geographical expansion, enabling ZOO to rapidly increase dubbing revenue in an underpenetrated market. Having considered ZOO’s technology offering (in particular ZOOstudio) relative to competitors, we believe that the company is well placed to deliver long-term profitable growth through increased market share in a large, growing and constantly evolving segment.

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