Are you a high-quality UK-listed business that would like to broaden your shareholder register, support your share price and increase liquidity?

We can help.

What we do

What we do

We raise the profile of our clients by introducing them to our extensive network of wealth managers, smaller institutions and family offices, based predominantly in the UK.

This part of the market is often overlooked by corporate brokers, despite the fact that it’s a huge, albeit fragmented, source of new capital.

What we do

How we're complementary to your broker

Your corporate broker will, for the most part, be focused on communicating with your existing shareholder base and typically London-based, large institutions.

We're different.

We put our time and energy into getting to know professional investors running individual, bespoke portfolios for private clients. This segment of the market trades more frequently and in smaller deal sizes than larger institutions, making it ideal for building liquidity.

Many of these investors are based in the regions, outside of London, but the majority of our introductions are arranged virtually, so it’s an efficient use of your time.


We create videos

There is no substitute for picking up the phone and encouraging our investor contacts to take a meeting with you, over and above all of the other companies that are vying for their attention.

Nevertheless, to further raise your profile, we create short videos that we distribute far and wide. We summarise your investment case and incorporate video footage and images from your website. These are certainly helpful for capturing investor’s attention and ensure that you stand out from the competition.

What we do

How we add value

Sharing attributable and actionable investor feedback is key to our offering.

For us, understanding why investors aren't persuaded is almost as important as getting new shareholders on board. We have good relationships with our investor contacts who are happy to talk things through and give us their honest views.

Taking the investor feedback into account, we work closely with you and your other advisers to continuously refine your investment rationale. We help you simplify the complex (if it’s needed) and suggest ways to make your content memorable.


The results we achieve

Our powerful investor targeting methodology enables us to effectively match the most likely buyers with each of our clients, and track their sentiment over time.

And it works.

It's rare that we don’t see a percentage of the investors that we’ve introduced becoming new top 20, and in many instances top 10, long-term shareholders.

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"Progressive have been instrumental in helping us on our journey from a software and life sciences company, relatively unknown in the financial market, to a business that’s recently received an offer at a significant premium to a much-increased share price.

They were great at raising our profile, helping us communicate with the market and bringing many new investors on board, including a top five shareholder.

We are delighted with the work that they have done for us and we wouldn’t be where we are now without them!"

Phil Reason

CEO, Instem Plc

Helping quality companies attract new investors


Emily Ritchie

Director – Head of Investor Engagement

Emily raises the profile of our clients with new professional investors. She has extensive experience advising company management teams and fund managers on investor sentiment, shareholder analysis and targeting.

Previously, she worked at Fidelity International and Smith & Williamson, (now Evelyn Partners), selling their funds to the Wealth Manager market.

She is a member of the Investor Relations Society and is CISI level 6 qualified in Private Client Investment Advice and Management.


Gareth Evans

Founder and CEO

An award-winning technology analyst by background, Gareth set up Progressive Equity Research in 2012. He now spends his time advising company management teams on the best way to position themselves in the market.

Gareth was previously joint Head of Research at Investec where he worked for more than a decade.

A qualified accountant, his career also includes roles at Canaccord Genuity, ABN Amro and DLJ, the US Investment Bank that was later sold to Credit Suisse.