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Top-rated research team

Well known for their integrity and objective analysis, our top-rated team of specialist analysts build a deep understanding of your company’s business and produce best-in-class research, trusted by investors.

They make sure your investment case and prospects are clearly understood by explaining your business well, providing sector context, exploring key performance indicators, and producing financial forecasts to help build consensus estimates.

Enhancing your message

Through regular and timely publication of updates in a variety of styles and formats alongside your company’s news flow, we can help you guide market response to new developments, and keep existing and potential new investors well informed.

In addition to producing research in a variety of formats, we can enhance your message by creating additional, complementary content in blog, video and podcast form.

Market-wide distribution

In order to have the best possible chance of broadening your share register and building liquidity, we distribute our research market-wide via key investor portals such as Bloomberg, ResearchTree and ThomsonReuters.

As well as sending your research to our extensive email distribution lists and promoting it on our website and relevant social media platforms, it’s also available for inclusion on the investor section of your own website and your company’s LSE profile page.

Effective use of feedback

Continuously observing investor response to updates allows us to identify any areas of your business proposition and investment case which are being misunderstood, or are causing investors concern.

Our team will help you use this feedback effectively by providing advice on adjusting and fine tuning your message to address evolving market sentiment.

Retail presentations and webinars

If you’re keen to build engagement further and give investors greater access to your management team, we can organise presentations, Q&A sessions and interviews. These can be in-person, online or in hybrid format to suit yours and your investors’ needs.

Timed to run alongside major newsflow events, and often after publication of a research update, we can help you keep investors informed.

We are also well connected with the numerous third party providers you might use to host other Retail events, and can provide you with the accompanying research and promotional materials you may need.

Targeted investor engagement

And, when the time is right to implement an engagement programme with the smaller institutions, wealth managers and family offices, we can help.

We have great relationships with these investor groups, which are often poorly served by mainstream brokers, but who trade portfolios regularly and can help boost liquidity.

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